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The importance of maintaining good health for longevity

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Everything you do today affects your future health. If you dream of staying healthy and if you dream of longevity, the secret is to protect your health today!

It is never too late to change bad habits and to form new healthier habits. The changes you make today will pay dividends as you age. Everything from diet to exercise, to eating healthy, fresh, organic and nutritious foods is critical. It is a mindset and a discipline to focus on good health and wellness. However, today it is more important than ever to pay attention to your health. Taking vitamins and dietary supplements are important because the body depletes energy and nutrients as we age and as we are stressed. Processed foods and personal care products contain toxins and the air has become polluted due to industrialization.

The best way to combat illness is to stay ahead of the curve and to always discover ways to boost your immune system. Incorporating the advice offered here is a very good start towards improving your health and protecting yourself against sickness and a low quality of life. Surrounding yourself in nature improves wellness and allows you to reconnect with nature and to transcend into a natural state of being. Humans, much like animals in the wild, are one with nature. However, as humans we live in boxes (our homes) we drive in closed cars and we work in cubicles or boxes, sheltered from earth's natural elements and void of sunshine, fresh air and the abundant energy and consciousness that resides inside every cell in nature. Science has recently discovered that trees in the forest communicate with each other and heal each other by sharing water and nutrients through underground networks. The fungi buried in the soil talk to each other.

Walking barefoot in the soil helps our bodies connect with nature on a very deep level and offers humans wonderful health benefits, given that we ground our bodies with the earth's energy. Forest bathing and earthing are now shown to improve anxiety, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, hypertension, to reduce inflammation, and more.

Take a hike or a walk in nature and connect with the oneness of earth and the universe and your blood pressure lowers. Spending time in nature will invigorate you and also help you unplug from electromagnetic frequencies inside your home and office, which negatively impact cells and your energy. Make attempts to walk barefoot in nature more often. Walking barefoot in nature offers tremendous health benefits for your cells and body.

Please visit the book section of this website if you care to order the eBook, Take A Hike by published author and international, award winning photographer, Joseph V Cassarino. Joseph, is a published wellness author, award winning international photographer, entrepreneur and global product distributor for ProImmune Co, LLC and the highly sought after, dietary supplement, Immune Formulation 200.

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