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What if the frontline soldiers of your immune system increased in numbers and your immune system could fight better to protect every cell, tissue and organ in your body?

Glutathione plays a key role in the proper function of T-cell lymphocytes and it stimulates the production of, and activates, your natural killer (NK) cells.* Sufficient glutathione levels is scientifically studied to help with oxidative stress, free radicals, toxins and natural inflammation, thereby keeping cells in a healthy state.* Raising glutathione levels utilizing Immune Formulation 200® helps fight toxins* caused from processed foods, pesticides, air pollution, chemicals used to dye fabrics and plastics that leach into our foods and bottled drinks. Those flying and in large, crowded airports and taking cruises would especially benefit by supplementing with Immune Formulation 200® as an extra safe, precautionary method of supporting their immune system.*

Our bodies absorb toxins continuously in modern times which causes toxicity and inflammation. Our environment in these modern times is basically unhealthy. Electromagnetic frequencies from 5G and WiFi all around us, plus air pollution, along with all the toxins in the highly processed foods we consume and chemicals from dyes in the clothing we wear are causing stresses on our immune systems. No other time in history has been more toxic than it is today. Chronic illness is becoming epidemic. Hence, the importance of maintaining our personal health and well-being by being proactive about our health in order to help combat all of these toxins, pollutants and irritants. 

Sufficient glutathione levels are key to helping the cells and body to resist potential toxicity.*  Supplementing with Immune Formulation 200® may help with daily stressors and focus.* Many athletes utilize glutathione to support recovery after workouts and build muscle mass.* Google Pub Med and enter glutathione and the name of your condition to discover more about how glutathione may help support wellbeing.* So strongly tied is glutathione to health and wellness that scientists can use glutathione levels to predict longevity – quite a testament to its influence in the body!  Immune Formulation 200® permits every cell in the body to manufacture its own glutathione which is a superior way for the cell to receive as much glutathione as is needed without causing over-toxicity.* This innovative scientific breakthrough is being well-received by scientists and is now available globally to the public as a dietary supplement. 

                                 The Main Role Immune Formulation200®


While its main role is as the principle intracellular defense against oxidative damage,* adequate glutathione levels are also necessary for optimal function of the following healthy biochemical pathways:


• Detoxification of most toxins in the liver, including alcohol and heavy metals* 


• Regulation of cell growth and division*


• Repair and synthesis of DNA* 


• Immune function, as it is crucial for T-cell proliferation and humoral immune response (the immune response against bacterial invasion)* 


• Recycling of Vitamin E and Vitamin C* 


• Natural defense of eye and skin against solar radiation* 


What Causes Glutathione Deficiency?


Glutathione levels decrease as we age because our bodies become less efficient in replenishing glutathione. However, research has shown that healthy elderly individuals over 90 years old may have similar glutathione levels to much younger adults, and considerably higher than other aged subjects 70-99 years old without replenishment. 


These limited results have led researchers to postulate healthy glutathione levels to longevity.*


In addition to aging, glutathione deficiency has been seen in over 90 health conditions and common stresses to the body, including:

                           Obesity - Menopause - Smoking - Alcohol 

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is       not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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