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Thank you for your interest in ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®

I was hand selected by Dr. Albert B. Crum from a list of candidates to introduce ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® to the public and to medical providers and health food markets across the globe. After my assistance and success for Dr. Crum in the licensing division, Dr. Crum knew that I would provide professional service, combined with caring and that I would utilize every skill and resource to introduce ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® in the utmost professional manner so that everyone across the nation and globe could have easy access to Dr. Albert B. Crum's miraculous discovery. Upon reading the content provided throughout this website, you are certain to understand the importance of maintaining proper glutathione levels and how doing so will improve health. Your health is your best investment and the steps you take today will quite literally improve health and expand life to all of those who choose to supplement with ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®. The research and the science proves this fact over and over again and again. Thank you for your time and interest in ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®. I am accessible to everyone initially via email and I look forward to responding to your inquiry. 

Offering ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® to patients of your medical practice or to customers in your market is the perfect solution to help their bodies naturally fight pathogens and viruses, and to help maintain your patients' or customers' immune system.* This revolutionary glutathione precursor allows cells to increase glutathione intracellularly.* Thereby, allowing your patients or customers to support their immune system's defense at a safe level. An Affiliate program is also available to those seeking to align with us and to earn a commission by linking this website to your site.

Coming Soon - The "VIP Gift Box" edition of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®. Custom designed and created especially for Spas, Boutiques and Elegant Gift Shops seeking to offer a beautiful, designer gift box version of ProImmune® Immune Formulation 200®. Inside each gift box includes an original jar of ProImmune® Immune Formulation 200® placed inside a sheer white, see through organza pouch, tied with a ribbon and topped off with a beautiful card stock printed message of health and wellbeing. Giving a ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® gift box is quite literally, giving someone the gift of health and well-being. A lovely, display card for your boutique's, shelf placement area will be provided to help your customers better comprehend the benefits that ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® offers.


Please email for further information and pricing of our gift box edition. Giving The Gift of Health will never be appreciated more by all who receive this beautiful and thoughtful gift. 


Please contact global distributor, Joseph V Cassarino for wholesale pricing sheets at



Immune Formulation 200® is available to select corporations interested in a commercial license and hoping to add Immune Formulation 200® into their product portfolio as an expanded commercial application. The value added by Immune Formulation 200® into an existing or new product will impact your market share. Since Covid 19, the public has become very focused on supporting their immune defense systems. Immune Formulation 200® is the right product which represents one of the fastest growing and recognized segments in the dietary supplement market.


Immune Formulation 200® could be incorporated into beverages, vitamin packs, health bars, powders and other health and wellness ingested products, including tablets, pills, capsules, or gummies.


Large corporations, agencies and institutions interested in providing their workforce with superior immune support may desire to license Immune Formulation 200® in order to provide their employees nutrition for a superior immune system. With the toxins of modern daily life and oxidative stress triggering inflammation responses, the time is perfect to keep employees, members, or staff in the healthiest condition possible. Can you imagine a major airline carrier or cruise ship operator or even a company as large as Tesla, Apple, Walmart, Home Depot or IBM supporting their workforce to help workers remain healthy and remain on the job longer.


Providing company employees the gift of a safe and quality immune building precursor that permits every cell in the body to process toxins, oxidative stress and free radicals*, will provide your corporation, agency, or institution with a competitive edge and allow more employees, members or staff to maintain their health and wellbeing. Employees will remain on the job, thereby increasing productivity and company profits. Every employer understands that lost work time equals lower productivity. Lower productivity in the workforce, equals lower corporate profits. 


      “Together, we can help improve health and wellbeing” ~ Joseph V Cassarino

Please email Joseph V Cassarino at to discuss potentially licensing Immune Formulation 200 for your corporation, agency or institution of more than 10,000 people.
Joseph V Cassarino - Founder Best Immune Support ~ Rhinebeck, NY 11257 Authorized Distributor for ProImmune Co. LLC, Rhinebeck, NY 11257


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