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Take a Hike is an eBook, in the health and wellness category written by published author; Joseph V Cassarino. The book includes wonderful information on how you can utilize nature to help calm the mind and body, plus connect to the earth's energy. Additionally, the content of this mini-guide, approximately 15 pages provides useful information certain to add value to your health and well-being. Take A Hike also includes stunning nature photographs by Joseph V Cassarino, published author and award winning international photographer. This brief and informative mini-guide is a blueprint for optimal health and positive attitude and can also be shared and passed on to family members and friends. Joseph is a health-oriented person who focuses on health, wellness and well-being and who genuinely cares about the health and wellness of others. Joseph understands that everything in the universe is connected and that in the realm of collective consciousness, we are all one. Therefore, we should all be caring for, supporting and uplifting each other in every possible way that we can. 

Take a Hike!

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