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I have been recommending ProImmune to patients across the country in my Sports Medicine Practice for years to speed recovery after surgery. By reducing inflammation caused by trauma or toxins directly inside the cells as opposed to only in the bloodstream, ProImmune supports wound healing all naturally for faster recovery without interfering with any medications.

 Dr. Edward (Ted) Fogarty, MD 

Ogallala, NE

Concerning the MTHFR mutation alone, approximately 30-60% of the population is glutathione deficient. ProImmune is a very effective way to boost glutathione levels and it allows the body to convert to glutathione more efficiently than NAC.

 Dr. Carey Wennerstrom 

McDonagh Medical Center - Gladstone, MO 

"I heard about ProImmune on the Dr. Lee Merritt Medical Rebel Show with Dr. Fogarty as a guest speaker. Listening to the show and Dr. Fogarty speaking about the benefits of HBOT and also about ProImmune in combination with HBOT or without, reinforced my decade long desire to buy a hyperbaric chamber. Dr. Fogarty discusses how using ProImmune augments or reinforces the effects of HBOT. Therefore, I decided to proceed with both and I am especially delighted with the alertness and increased energy that I feel since taking ProImmune. When it came time to reorder the ProImmune, I had a computer glitch on the website and had to contact customer service by phone, and wow what great customer service! - with kindness, interest, passion and dedication, Joe Cassarino spent time with me on different aspects of ProImmune and he described to me how ProImmune supports many other health conditions. Joe shared the science with me and it was incredible, evidence based science and customer service! I'm now using ProImmune personally and also with a friend with dementia and I am looking forward to seeing increased cognitive results as I know the body and brain has neuro-plasticity, and an ability to heal itself naturally. I am in gratitude to Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Ted Fogarty and to Joe Cassarino of"

Sally Rabkin, M.D.

West Hollywood, CA

My husband and I have been using ProImmune after being recommended for his recently diagnosed Parkinson's Dx.  I'm 75 yo and figured it could better my immune system after reading ProImmune literature.  I've noticed his tremors are less intense, and my cognitive function has improved.  I've also been fortunate to have several conversations with Joseph Cassarino, Global Marketing Director for ProImmune, and I will attest to the credibility of those tasked with bringing ProImmune to the public.  Mr. Cassarino is genuinely concerned with the health and welfare of those using ProImmune. His knowledge of the product and  science behind it is well respected.  The company and product deserve a commendation for the achievements and success earned.  This has become a staple supplement in my family.

Ava Goodhue

Ridge Spring, SC

Mr. Cassarino, My name is John Prinzivalli and I live on Long Island. I am emailing you today to let you know that I’ve been taking your product for 3 months and I feel ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!! My energy level is through the roof and because of my having so much more energy, it has gotten me back to the gym. I have also noticed since taking Immune Formulation 200, my anxiety or stress levels have gone away and has made me more focused in my work and with my marriage. It's funny that I am getting so many compliments that my skin is glowing. I also wanted to mention that I just had blood work done and my A1C levels were at a 12, and now they are down to 7. In fact, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels also reduced significantly since I began taking ProImmune! I am so glad I am on Prolmmune and I wish that everyone could feel the way that I am feeling. I am referring ProImmune to my family and friends because I cannot believe how great I feel since taking the product. I am especially impressed my blood sugar improved. You informed me most people do not feel a difference, but the formula really works and I feel great! Thank you for introducing me to your website. Best regards, John Prinzavalli - 

Investment Consultant, The Spaventa Group Phone 631-210-7263 EXT 1004

John Prinzavalli

Lake Grove, Long Island, NY

Dear BestImmune Support, As an octogenarian who on the verge of requiring dialysis, I want to share my experience with ProImmune, your glutathione precursor. My A1C levels since I have been supplementing with ProImmune have decreased considerably and my doctor was astounded and questioned me about the possible reason behind the drop. He confirmed that I was now safe and would no longer need dialysis all because my levels improved. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed and I informed my doctor that my son had gifted me a jar of ProImmune, which I would bring along on my next visit. I have been battling diabetes for years, but nothing has really brought down my A1C levels that I know of until I started taking ProImmune. I believe that everyone should know about the benefits of ProImmune as a supplement to whatever else they are doing to manage their A1C levels. When my son gifted me the jar, he instructed me to take two scoops every day to help reduce oxidative stress and toxins inside my cells, but I never imagined that my A1C levels would drop so drastically that one day, I may no longer require dialysis. Hence, I would like to express my gratitude to the makers of ProImmune for their incredible supplement and to you, the distributor, for compiling such an informative website. I must admit, I was hesitant at first but after I read your website, I said to myself that I must take this formula and I have been recommending it to my friends in Florida ever since. Sincerely, Leo Bento - Spring Hill, Florida 

Leo Bento

Spring Hill, FL

Hi Joe, Proimmune is magical. I've been around my sick kids, on a bunch of planes, and had the beginnings of a viral infection a few times. Each time, I just increase the Proimmune to twice a day and don't get sick. I've recommended it to my homeopathic clients as an extra support. 

Katya Plyshevsky

New York, NY

Hello my name is Avinash. I'm a Wellness Consultant at the The Sunflower Market in Woodstock, NY. I personally started taking Proimmune about 6 months ago. What I initially noticed is that my energy noticeably increased. I have mild asthma and I also noticed that I didn't need my inhaler as much. Next, I noticed that I didn't feel as susceptible to the seasonal colds and flu. After taking Proimmune for the first 3 months, I ran out. After about 3 days, I noticed that my energy level decreased and I felt susceptible to a cold. I immediately started taking Proimmune again and I felt better. It's a great product.

I've recommended Proimmune to many customers and have gotten positive feedback. 

Avinash - Wellness Consultant - Sunflower Market

Woodstock, NY

When I first heard about Proimmune I was leery naturally and my husband was telling me people have been selling “snake oil” for centuries and this did not help. However, I knew Joe Cassarino the distributor from twenty years ago from when I was employed by him and I knew the man was honest and trustworthy. Therefore, I had utmost faith in Joe. I knew the product had to work if Joe was representing it and I ordered a six pack for myself and my family for Christmas in order to try this product.


Within a month and a half of taking Proimmune my husband amazingly shed 8 stubborn pounds! My husband Martin is a diabetic and he is very conscious of weight gain and now even he is a believer of Proimmune. Especially since a cruise and the holidays packed on 10 pounds. Nonetheless, my husband’s pounds were shed rather quickly and I myself lost weight too! I am delighted I listened to Joe explain to me in detail the extraordinary health benefits of this product. I learned Proimmune is an all-natural glutathione precursor that detoxifies cells intracellularly “directly inside the cells” unlike any other glutathione product. Additionally, I learned glutathione products, because they are not “precursors” and are synthetic, only enter the bloodstream and cannot penetrate the cell wall. All the information, including a scientific chart proving the science is all on the website.


I even learned Proimmune lowers the cholesterol and triglycerides and A1C and due to the fact the ingredients of Proimmune includes Glycine, it also helps mitigate anxiety, ADHD, depression and PTSD. And one more fascinating thing I learned is that Proimmune activates Nrf2 Gene and this supports 250 immune support systems inside the cells. In reality, Proimmune is one of the best immune support products ever!


I am forever grateful to Joseph Cassarino for many reasons, in this case he shared his educated input and knowledge of what I am learning is a scientific breakthrough of epic proportions and a great product! Now, I am excited to share this information with my family and friends and anyone interested in learning more about Proimmune, MONEY EXTREMELY WELL SPENT.

Cathay Barusso

Bushkill, PA

I heard about ProImmune on the radio program, the Tuesday 2:10pm MT show "Fogarty On Fire" featuring Dr. Fogarty, MD with Joseph Cassarino as guest speaker and I was impressed enough to purchase the ProImmune. I started taking two scoops per day because I am eighty years old and I heard them say older people require more than one scoop per day. I called Joe Cassarino recently because he gives his phone number on the show and I told him ProImmune is a miracle and that everyone should be on it. 


I told Joe to tell Dr. Crum ProImmune is a miracle. I always have severe pain in my knee every winter when it is freezing and nothing helps. My doctor told me this winter that I need a knee replacement and I told him not yet because I knew I was going to get the ProImmune any day. Then the miracle happened! After a month of taking two scoops of ProImmune a day, once in the morning and another scoop before bedtime, my knee pain suddenly went away and this was during the coldest sub-zero temperatures of North Dakota, where I live. I have never felt better and I want everyone to know that ProImmune is a miracle! 


I studied the website extensively, I read the reports and the research on Joe’s website and I called and spoke to Joe Cassarino a couple times and I learned and understand why ProImmune works. I  visit northern California a few times a year for a prayer and gospel group and I am telling all of my friends in North Dakota and in California that they should start taking ProImmune because I have learned that by reducing toxins and oxidative stress directly inside the cells that this is the one of the healthiest things any person can do to improve and optimize health! ProImmune works! Joe Cassarino is an honest, caring man who loves all people and I believe fully in him and the product he represents for Dr. Albert B. Crum! I am grateful for the radio show  because it really informs the public about this all natural health formula and lets face it, everyone has something wrong with them these days. I hope everyone experiences the power of ProImmune.

Mary Olson

McVille, ND

“Unlock your body’s potential with Pro Immune! 💪 Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, prioritizing your immune health is crucial for peak performance and safety. With Pro Immune, stay ahead in your game, excel in your workouts, and embrace a healthier, stronger you! 🏋️‍♂️ #ProImmune #Health #Fitness #ImmuneBoost #Performance

Lompoc Vitamin Shop

 Lompoc, CA


From:  The ProImmune Co., LLC –




Date:  Tuesday, April 11, 2023


Mr. Joseph V. Cassarino, Email:


COPY: Alberta Crum, DVM, Email:


Dear Mr. Cassarino,


As a very perceptive and intelligent businessman with a keen facility for numbers, Mr. Joseph V. Cassarino promptly recognized the Health Value of physiologically synthesized Glutathione. Nevertheless, he investigated diligently. He sincerely and energetically studied the 3.5 billion year history of Glutathione and why natural selection favored this molecule over eons, originally from a single-celled organism, to become adapted, emerged and be currently present in each of the 300,000,000,000,000 (trillion) cells constituting the human body.* Mr. Cassarino’s marketing consultations are a true asset to ProImmune Co., LLC.


The scientific details of the Immune System evolution are being documented in Dr. Crum’s co-authored book:  ON THE ORIGIN OF THE  IMMUNE SYSTEM and the Role of Electron Transfer as a Pivotal Function  in Glutathione’s Progenitor-core Energy Center and in the Co-Evolution of its Genomic Pleiotropy. Current Implications.


By Albert B. Crum M.D. and Alberta M. Crum, D.V.M.


Footnote*: Figure from Nobel Laureate J. Michael Bishop, M.D.


© Copyright 2023 Albert B. Crum, M.D., and Alberta M. Crum, D.V.M.


Best wishes

Naomi Christman


845 876 3222

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