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Combining meditation and yoga is shown to increase glutathione by an astonishing 41%

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that a regular program of meditation combined with yoga can increase glutathione levels by an astonishing 41%. A study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research found that meditation alone increases glutathione levels by 20%. Since we are becoming educated about the enormous benefits maintaining proper glutathione levels does to improve health of the cell and to extend life, this is the perfect time to incorporate meditation and yoga into your daily health and wellness protocol in oder to raise your glutathione levels in attempt to improve your health and live a healthier and longer life.

All of the science indicates that almost the illness people have today mostly all have one thing in common! They deplete glutathione levels and the cells desperately need glutathione replenished in order to heal.

Between combining meditation and yoga and supplementing with the scientific discovery that Dr. Albert B. Crum has discovered, you can easily reduce oxidative stress, toxins and free radicals inside your cells safely and naturally and you can literally extend your life. Additionally, when you have excellent health, you prosper and flourish in every area and aspect of your life. If you think about it more clearly, the majority of us are over worked and over stressed and most people eat way too much processed food or restaurant food. Living life like that is not as healthy as eating raw, fresh, organic vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. It is no wonder many people are becoming ill.

How can the body maintain homeostasis (a stable equilibrium - a self regulating process by which biological systems maintain stability while adjusting to changing external conditions) with all of the toxins, salt, chemicals, etc. in processed foods and foods low in nutrients. Did you know that microwaving food even depletes the nutrients in the food. All these fast and frozen foods are not as nutritious as raw, organic, nutrient rich foods.

The secret to longevity is awareness and execution. People around the globe are suddenly becoming conscious about the foods the eat and they are following traditions of the ancients and of earlier civilizations and they are following Ayurvedic and holistic principles and traditions. Meditation and yoga and supplementing with supportive healthy dietary supplements, vitamins, spices, teas, amino acids, nutrients, enzymes, probiotics, herbs and botanicals plus eating healthy and unprocessed and unfrozen, fresh foods from the earth is the key to living into your golden sunset years in vibrant health.

The average person is not focusing on their gut health or their cell health because they are too busy attempting to keep with everyone else or to succeed in life. Most people are working two jobs just to cover all of their expenses. Perhaps people should place more awareness on their long term health and consider ways of living a more balance and healthy life. If it means downsizing or not buying the Louis Vuitton bag or the fancy car and living more simply, then you will have more money and disposable cash to invest in your health and wellness products and care.

In reality, it is more advantageous to treat yourself to a body massage and a biodynamic craniosacral therapy session than it is to drive a Porsche or wear a designer bag, shoe or clothing. In reality, it is more important to spend the money on your health, fresh, organic foods, nutrition, supplements, vitamins, and anything else that supports health and wellness. Material possessions are not going to do anything to help you live longer. However, a body massage a couple times per month will help you de-stress and remove toxins. Eating unprocessed and fresh foods will provide your cells with more nutrients rather than eating take out every night or frozen processed foods. The choices are yours and you can improve your health and state of mind the second that you make the healthier choices.

I have always been a person focused on health and wellness. I also make certain to balance myself and to come back to center several times per week. I exercise daily, I take long nature walks daily, I perform yoga and QiGong several times per week. I juice and drink fresh, raw, organic drinks for breakfast. I eat 90% unprocessed foods and I supplement every single day with Zinc, Vitamin B, vitamin D, Curcumin, Quercetin and I take two scoops of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation® 200, once in the morning and one before bedtime. I am 65 years old with the energy and stamina of a 35 year old. I take these supplements because in combination, they are what I call SUPER IMMUNE BOOSTERS. Each of those supplements provide my cells with more power, strength, energy and nutrition than I can ask for. In essence, I am providing my cells with the exact ingredients that they require. The stress of daily life, combined with all of the toxins all around us and the WiFi and electromagnetic frequencies deplete many of my nutrients and weaken my cells and my cells become susceptible to disease. However, my proactive act of supplementation shields my cells and my body like a warrior protecting his country, community or friends.

I have studied the importance of maintaining good health and the importance of balance and I have read more self help books than one can imagine. I even studied laws of the universe and secrets of the ancients. I have come to learn in my early thirties that the way to longevity, happiness, joy and fulfillment are not by material objects. However, what is more important is maintaining healthy relationships and friendships and connecting with nature and eating healthy and supplementing with all of the nutrients and supportive ingredients our bodies need.

I fathered three amazing and beautiful children, now in their 20's and 30's and I hope to live into my 90's in great health. It is possible for anyone to shift their agenda. Anyone can make the change form unhealthy to healthy. You simply need to have the ah-ha moment, have the awareness and say to yourself: I can do this! Every person can give themself Self-Love! You deserve it and you are a special gift from the universe, what I call energy or God. I believe that we are all miracles of existence and I am not wasting my life on anything that does not serve my highest good. Please consider meditating and doing yoga if you are not already doing so. You can Google the benefits of meditation and yoga and you will come to understand how practicing them offer so many additional benefits. You will even become more calm and you will lower your blood pressure. Supplementing with the group of supplements that I supplement with will also help you fight off seasonal flu and similar illnesses because your cells will become super powerful, instruments of defense against foreign and toxic invaders. If you want to stay healthy, you must do your part. I have not had a flu shot or had a flu in over twelve years. Why? Most likely because my immune system is strong and it is strong because I take preventative measures. Google anything that I write about and you will discover that all I write about is factual and backed by research and science. I wish everyone improved health, including mental health. By staying healthy in your body, yor m

Joseph V Cassarino - President, Best Immune Support Corp.

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