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ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® The #1 Immune Support Sweeping The World

ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is the patent pending composition of amino acids University proven in in-vitro tests to increase bodily Glutathione levels, providing the building blocks your system requires to maintain optimal production of Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant. This Dietary Supplement feeds your immune system in the manner nature designed to utilize its elements” - Dr. Albert B. Crum, M.D., DSc (Hon), M.S.,

world-renowned physician, research scientist, psychiatrist, immunologist, international stress management expert, author, former clinical professor of behavioral sciences at NYU, Harvard Medical School graduate and Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is an optimal health supplement scientifically studied to help with oxidative stress and toxins and is now available to the general public as a premier high quality dietary supplement. The revolution of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is its method of action that allows each cell in the body to manufacture glutathione intracellularly and only as much glutathione as each cell needs to remove oxidative stress and toxins.

Glutathione is on the list of the most promising and beneficial molecules in the world and is scientifically researched to optimize health and support a long active life-style.*

Read to better understand the significance of glutathione.

There are no other glutathione products or precursors in the world that permit each cell in the body to manufacture its own glutathione the way nature intended. Dr. Crum made a miraculous discovery when he discovered the groundbreaking scientific formula to ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®.* Maintaining healthy glutathione levels utilizing ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® will help your body naturally reduce the many toxins from processed foods, pesticides, air pollution, chemicals to dye fabrics, hair care products, tobacco, alcohol, plastics and other environmental stressors that leach into packaged foods, drinks and your daily life-style activities.*

A Google search of glutathione on the Pub-Med or NIH website with more than 155,465 entries will better describe the significance glutathione plays in supporting health.* ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® manufactured in the USA for The ProImmune Co., LLC is now available for convenient, direct to consumer purchase in powder form, in a 100 g canister at Rhinebeck, NY and will soon be available on Amazon March 2023.

Those flying in crowded airports and taking cruises would especially benefit by supplementing with ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® as an extra precautionary method of super-boosting the right nutrition for their immune system.* Those working in congested offices or buildings will also benefit by maintaining their immune system as will teachers who are surrounded by students. Glutathione is also shown to help with oxidative stress, healthy inflammation responses and irritants caused by water damage in dwellings containing unseen mold and mycotoxins.* Read the National Institutes Of Health link below to better understand how glutathione is depleted when mold and mycotoxins enter the body and how supplementing with glutathione supports the body's natural detoxification.*

For a limited time, customers who purchase online at receive free shipping. Health Food Markets and Medical Centers seeking to offer ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® email

Commercial licensing opportunities available to corporate candidates who desire to include ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® in a commercial application or to provide employees a superior immune system*, thereby reducing employee sick time. Strong immunity is like a shield that mitigates illness, helps with recovery and protects your body from toxic substances. With many forces working against you, it is most important to take care of your immune system.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Best Immune Support Joseph V Cassarino – Authorized, Global Distributor 845-206-8104

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