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How To Stay Healthy This Winter And Avoid Getting Sick.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

A strong immune system is the key to avoiding becoming sick. Glutathione is responsible for keeping cells healthy. Glutathione is made naturally inside every cell in your body to help reduce toxins and oxidative stress. Without glutathione inside our cells, cells would become overly toxic and human life could not exist in such a toxic environment. Since we are living in modern times, the pollution in the air is toxic and processed foods we eat are full of chemicals. The plastic wrapping on the foods and bottles of drinks we consume are also toxic due to the PCB's leaching into the food and drink. Combine all these toxins we live with lately and cells are depleting glutathione faster then we replenish glutathione. Cells are healthier when glutathione is replenished.

Immune Formulation 200® a glutathione precursor, prompts cells to manufacture glutathione inside the cell as nature intended and is the scientific breakthrough and discovery by; Dr. Albert B. Crum, M.D., DSc (Hon), M.S., world-renowned physician, research scientist, psychiatrist, immunologist, international stress management expert, author, former clinical professor of behavioral sciences at NYU, Harvard Medical School graduate and 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Supplementing with ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® a safe, dietary supplement, and with a method of action that is all natural to the body, cells have a better chance of fighting toxins and invaders. Thereby, keeping cells healthy and providing better chances of you staying healthy. A healthy cell and a healthy body can defend itself better. A weaker immune system is vulnerable to sickness.

Building a super strong immune system is a process and involves multiple actions and steps. Getting enough rest also helps your immune system rebuild as does fasting. Getting plenty of sunshine also helps strengthen the immune system. Avoiding alcohol helps the immune system stay strong. And of course eating green vegetables rich in vitamins also helps create a strong immune system. However, all of these things combined are often not enough to combat the excessive toxins infiltrating our cells.

Unless you eat tons of raw, fresh, organic unprocessed foods constantly and unless you live in the perfect environment, where the air is unpolluted, and unless you have no stress in your life, the chances of your immune system being strong and performing optimally is slim to none. Just like we deplete other nutrients due to stress and eating unhealthy, processed foods, we deplete glutathione inside our cells and glutathione impacts every function in your body. Glutathione can also help neutralize free radicals inside the cells. Glutathione is well known for combating oxidative stress and is a great detoxification and antioxidant. National Institutes of Health - The National Cancer Institute define glutathione as:

Another great National Institutes of Health and National Library of Health article to describe glutathione and the importance of glutathione is this article:

The evidence is overwhelming. You could google the word glutathione along with the name of almost any condition and you will discover over 155,ooo entries on the Pub Med website. Science has proved the benefits glutathione provides. Immune Formulation 200® is also backed by science with university research and $88 million dollars of grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health to fund further scientific discoveries and the connection between glutathione and aging, cancer and nrF2 activation.

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