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Inflammation and why do so many people have it in modern times?

It is very likely you know someone with inflammation. Perhaps you know many people who have inflammation and maybe you have inflammation. Over 40% of the U.S. population have inflammation and the numbers keeps rising.

Inflammation is critical because it has been found to be a major player in almost every chronic illness. Your immune system creates inflammation to protect the body from infection, injury or disease. There are many things you would not be able to heal with if it were not for inflammation. However, too much inflammation is not good for you. Chronic inflammation happens to be the root cause of many diseases including, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) cancer, arthritis, bowel disease and more.

The most common reason for inflammation includes, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, where your body attacks healthy tissue. Exposure to toxins, like pollution and industrial chemicals causes inflammation as does chemicals and toxins from processed foods and alcohol. Even fabrics that are dyed to make furniture are toxic and cause inflammation. Unfortunately, everywhere we turn living in modern society is toxic. Unless you live on an organic farm in the middle of nowhere and far from civilization, your body is being exposed to toxins and chemicals every breathe we take and every mouthful of food we eat. Even organic vegetables, unless they utilize zero chemicals and fertilizers, chances are, even they are toxic.

The longer you are overweight, the longer your body can remain in a state of inflammation. So how can you prevent or reduce inflammation? The best detection is to have an evaluation by your doctor. He or she can review your symptoms, perform exams, and check your blood for signs of inflammation. Otherwise, the best approach is to maintain a healthy weight. Choosing a good and healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly is always a wise protocol.

Eat right and move more. Diet and exercise have a strong impact on inflammation. Remember, certain foods are associated with promoting inflammation such as sugar. Unfortunately, sugar is added to so many foods today that it is difficult to avoid them and especially if you eat a lot of processed foods like most of us do. Eating out is usually not healthy since restaurant food is created for taste and often not for nutrition. Most restaurants even those of the highest standards utilize a lot of salt and butter and sugar. We all love to eat out. However, with life becoming so fast paced, we tend to eat out more and more for convenience and this can also cause inflammation.

If you could make an earnest effort to cut back eating processed foods and sugary foods, this is a great start. And try your best to cut back on sugary drinks that provide zero nutrition. Why anyone drinks soda is beyond me, since it is the absolute worst drink you can drink considering al of the unnecessary sugar content. I substitute sparkling mineral water, rich in minerals and I squeeze in lemon or lime for flavor and to neutralize my alkaline. Other foods to cut back to reduce inflammation are pastas. Try to substitute pasta for healthy grains such as quinoa. White bread is another inflammation trigger. The less bread you can eat, the better off you will be. It is hard to give up bread. However, you can at least cut it back.

in addition to eating properly and exercising, there are select foods one can eat that are high in antioxidants known as polyphenols, which can lower inflammation. Examples include, all types of berries, cherries, red grapes, plums, onions, turmeric, green tea, and of course, green leafy vegetables. All of these small steps will help mitigate inflammation from occurring. However, unless you are extremely disciplined, it is quite difficult to cut out all of the foods we are use to. We have sort of become attached to processed foods and grab and go foods. Therefore, we need a little help eliminating inflammation.

Dr. Albert B Crum, M.D., DSc (Hon), M.S. and President of ProImmune Co. LLC has made a miraculous, scientific breakthrough in the form of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® which is a glutathione precursor that replenishes glutathione inside cells as nature intended. Glutathione, happens to be a master antioxidant and is responsible for reducing oxidative stress and toxins inside cells. Ultimately, proper glutathione levels can help reduce inflammation. Most people are not aware that glutathione is depleted terribly in modern society. All those toxins in the foods and air are causing cells to deplete glutathione faster than cells can produce glutathione.

The wonderful feature of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is the fact that it is the only glutathione precursor in the world that works inside the cells (intracellular) in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The second a person takes a scoop of the semi-sweet powder, immediately, the powder enters the bloodstream instantaneously

and cells begin manufacturing glutathione inside the trillions of cells inside the body and toxins and oxidative stress begin to reduce. ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is bioavailable the same as IV glutathione is bioavailable. The beauty of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is the convenience. With glutathione IV a person has to sit still for over one hour several times per week with a needle in the arm. With ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® you take a scoop of semi-sweet tasting powder once per day and your body due to the fact it now has glutathione replenishment can begin reducing inflammation because this is what glutathione is also known for.

ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is available online at with free shipping by ProImmune Co. LLC appointed, authorized distributor, Joseph V Cassarino - Founder of Best Immune Support. was created in order to introduce ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® to those who have not heard of it yet. Tens of millions of dollars of jars have been sold to date and ProImmune Co. LLC recently reordered $7M (million dollars) of new, sealed and labeled jars, ready to ship. A simple click or two on the website provides ease of use and fast and free delivery. Thirty day, satisfaction guarantee of your money back.

If you know anyone suffering from autoimmune conditions or who has inflammation, please inform them about ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® and the website, so that they can read the research reports of the benefits glutathione provides to cell health and for healthier lifestyle and improved health. Having awareness of your diet combined with taking proactive steps to mitigate inflammation is a perfect solution to remaining healthy. Chronic illness is becoming epidemic lately. It appears more and more are becoming sick and the key lies in being mindful of our diet and exercising habits and even supplementing with incredible scientific breakthroughs such as ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®

Joseph V Cassarino

Founder - Best Immune Support

Authorized Distributor of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®

Appointed by; ProImmune Co. LLC

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