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Give A Gift of Health This Winter

Joseph V. Cassarino, founder of The Best Immune Support and the eCommerce portal: of Rhinebeck, NY is a distribution arm for ProImmune Co. LLC also of Rhinebeck, NY. Joseph understands ProImmune® Immune Formulation 200® is a scientific breakthrough of epic proportion discovered by Harvard Medical School graduate and scientist, Dr. Albert B. Crum, M.D., DSc, (Hon), M.S.

ProImmune®, a unique all natural and non toxic glutathione precursor actually the only of its kind in the world, reduces toxins and harmful oxidative stress directly inside cells all naturally based on the principles of evolution that supports optimal immune strength and support. Glutathione evolved over billions of years to mitigate toxins inside the cells and Dr. Crum’s patented formula is a scientific discovery of epic proportion, a rare, glutathione precursor that prompts every cell in the body to replenish depleted glutathione directly inside the cells that we can no longer produce adequately due to the excessive toxins we absorb in everything we eat, drink and breathe living in a highly toxic environment. Cassarino came out of retirement after building several companies to spread the word about this all natural immune system nutrition booster and glutathione precursor discovered by the Harvard trained physician and scientist. How did you get involved with this product? I met the inventor of ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200®, Dr. Albert Crum in Rhinebeck, NY several years ago while I was purchasing a commercial property in the village near his company headquarters and I was intrigued by the man and his professional work. Dr. Crum was intrigued by my background and business accomplishments and he requested a copy of my resume. After reading it, Dr. Crum requested I come out of retirement to help the public learn about the benefits of ProImmune and that’s how our professional business relationship and friendship first formed. Since I have had personal experience with the product and being that my health is stellar and my energy level boundless since taking ProImmune myself, all I want is for people to discover the benefits of glutathione and to discover how replenishing glutathione with ProImmune® is a superior glutathione replenishment because the cell makes the glutathione itself exactly as nature intended. Glutathione products on the market currently only enter the bloodstream effectively. By taking ProImmune® the cell is making the glutathione directly inside the cell effectively and efficiently: that’s the reason I came out of retirement and am doing the work that I do. I want the public to comprehend the difference of ProImmune over glutathione products on the shelf so they can truly optimize health. Additionally, I work with many of the county’s top physicians, pharmacies and health centers who recommend ProImmune extensively. Therefore, I comprehend the science and how important it is to reduce toxins and oxidative stress directly inside the cells like ProImmune does. In reality, supplementing with ProImmune® is one of the healthiest things any person can supplement with to improve health. I take ProImmune daily with my Spirulina, Zinc, CoQ10, D and K vitamin, my Probiotic and my daily vitamins. All of us are depleted in vitamins, nutrients and even glutathione and we absolutely need to replenish all of them. ProImmune® is a scientific breakthrough of epic proportion in which the cells themselves replenish the glutathione and this is what makes ProImmune® different than any other glutathione product.

How does glutathione support immune health in the body? There are many ways to strengthen the immune system safely and as nature intended, and one of the best ways is to maintain ample glutathione levels. People deplete glutathione as they age and speed up the process by eating processed foods and sugar and breathing polluted air. Even electromagnetic frequencies cause oxidative stress inside cells and require additional glutathione to reduce the toxic overload. Glutathione is considered the master antioxidant and helps reduce oxidative stress in the cell to keep cells healthiest. Strong immunity is like a shield that mitigates illness, helps with recovery and protects your body from toxic substances. With many forces working against you, it is most important to take care of your immune system. How does ProImmune work and why is it different? Dr. Crum made his groundbreaking scientific discovery over many years of laboratory research. His motivation was that he always felt that there should be a way the [human] cell could make its own glutathione exactly as nature intended. There are products out there that support glutathione production, such as NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine, an artificial glutathione precursor), but according to the research and scientific reports, they do not allow for optimum natural glutathione levels and immune system benefits. ProImmune is not glutathione. It is a glutathione precursor in which the cells are capable of producing glutathione intracellularly, directly inside the cells. This is what makes ProImmune unique and in very high demand. Dr. Crum, funded in part by $88M in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was on the cutting-edge of glutathione research. He discovered that adding a crucial set of natural nutrients could help the body manufacture optimum amounts of glutathione at the cellular level. By making the glutathione inside the cell—and only as much glutathione as the cell needs to reduce the toxins and the oxidative stress, discharging what it doesn’t need—Immune Formulation 200 is an efficient and effective glutathione supplementation. Immune Formulation 200 is a patent-pending nutrition booster and glutathione precursor that allows people to be proactive about protecting their health by reducing oxidative stress, toxins and free radicals. It helps build the immune system by reducing oxidative stress. Additionally, Immune Formulation 200 also helps maintain AIC levels in normal range. What drives your passion for spreading the word about this product? Mostly my own experience with it. I’m an avid practitioner of a healthy lifestyle, but I had never heard of glutathione before I met Dr. Crum four years ago. I’m 67 years old now. I’m a health-oriented person. I eat, breathe and live a certain lifestyle. I exercise every day. I’m in nature every day. I drink healthful green juices in the morning and eat salads for lunch. But even knowing all that I did and doing what I did, I did not know how important glutathione replenishment is for health of the cell. In fact, replenishing glutathione is one of the most important things we can do because this is how we reduce toxins and very harmful oxidative stress. Everyone should be supplementing with ProImmune according to many leading scientific and medical experts. I am now the head of marketing and distribution for the product and I’m finding fulfillment in using my previous experiences building successful companies on a project that can change and improve people’s lives dramatically for the better. I came out of retirement to work on this. I should be in the Bahamas right now, but instead I am helping introduce a formula that will help more people improve overall health and wellbeing on levels that may seem to be too good to be true—but are true. ProImmune has been sold since 2008 globally and is taken by world leaders, dignitaries, athletes, medical experts and now the public. How are you getting the word out? I have developed an ecommerce website that offers free shipping and put so much education concerning the product onto the website. Website visitors can find the science, the data, the links to the NIH health report that all prove the importance of what glutathione does and the science of what Dr. Crum’s discovery provides for optimal glutathione replenishment. I’m also doing a ton of outreach. Every day I’m speaking with medical groups and professionals, functional medical centers, integrative medical practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians. Every day I’m also moving awareness forward on social media. Additionally, I am a guest speaker with Dr. Edward (Ted) Fogarty III, a student of Dr. Crum, on most Tuesdays 2:10 PM MT and 4:10 PM EST. The show is entitled: Fogarty on Fire and Dr. Fogarty speaks about the benefits of ProImmune and callers have a chance to call in and ask questions. The show is a hit and the audience loves hearing Dr. Fogarty speak scientifically on how ProImmune improves health. ProImmune is also available on my Amazon account and I recommend that you give someone you love, a gift of health this holiday season with one of the healthiest formulas a person could incorporate into their health routine to reduce the highly toxic overload that we are all overwhelmed with today.

For appointments and more information, call 845-206-8104 or email To purchase Immune Formulation 200 and take advantage of free shipping, visit

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